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Terrence K. Williams is an actor and comedian with a passion to perform. He is one of the hottest internet sensations with an online following of over five million fans and regularly tours across America.

Terrence has been making people laugh his entire life and is the author of “From The Foster House to The White House” relating his incredible journey about growing up without a home and achieving the American Dream.

Terrence was born in Oklahoma City, where he spent the first fifteen years of his life growing up in the foster care system. One day on lunch break Terrence decided to post a video on Facebook and a star was born – The next day he had over forty-two million views.

Mr. Williams has dedicated his platform to improving the lives of underprivileged children everywhere. He speaks about being conservative in the black community and achieving success despite extreme hardships. Terrence has appeared across major media including appearances on Fox News Gutfeld!

Terrence is a particular favorite of President Donald J. Trump and spoke on stage with him at the White House.

Terrence is an extraordinary human being with a great story. He has a unique ability to be inspirational and comical simultaneously and is a stalwart of conservative values. He is the American Dream.

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